Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox recently released his 2018 budget proposal, and it hasn’t gone over so well with the citizens of Tuscaloosa. Agencies and Departments city-wide are having a proposed 5% budget cut all around, except for Tuscaloosa Police and Fire Rescue. Water and sewage bills are expected to raise by 3%, while the Parks and Recreation Department is expected to lose 225 thousand dollars for next years budget.

Becky Booker with Tuscaloosa’s Parks and Recreation tells me, “We certainly understand you know with the budgets, you’ve got to live within your budget. And we understand that, but it’s going to hurt.”

While Councilman Kip Tyner has been outspoken regarding the water and sewage department’s rise saying that he’s “never voted for a water increase over his years with the council”. But despite the councilman’s wishes, the new budget projects that water bills will rise to $28 per month for an average household.

But out of all of the negatives people see with Mayor Maddox’s new budget proposal, Kip Tyner tells me that we are all overlooking a key fact about our economy. Online Shopping has been cutting deep into the city’s sales tax, which hurts local business as well as the taxes you pay. According to the Mayor, about 66% of the city’s revenue comes from sales tax.

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