Tuscaloosa business mourns loss of long-term employee

Kelvin Watford

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Sarah Erickson

Family, friends and co-workers are mourning the tragic loss of 40-year-old Kelvin Watford after he died Saturday during heavy flooding.

Watford spent more than 20 years working as an employee of John Hubbard Flooring in Tuscaloosa, and his employer and co-workers are still in shock over his death.

Office Manager Debra Hubbard said she thinks Watford might still be alive if the city’s drainage systems were better.

“With all the building and everything that has gone on, I don’t think the drainage is as good as it used to be,” Hubbard said. “I am 62 years old and I don’t ever remember having flash floods and the streets flooding like that. I just think the drainage system needs to be better looked at.”

Hubbard described Watford as someone who was like a family member to her business.

Memorial services for Watford will be held at Saint Mary’s Church in Greensboro on Friday.

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