Tuscaloosa bar too packed? Owners, managers can expect harsh punishment

By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Gracie Fusco

TUSCALOOSA – Many bars on the Strip near the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa are jam-packed most, if not every night of the week.

Now, the city of Tuscaloosa is fighting back against overcrowded bars by increasing penalties for bar owners and staff caught allowing more patrons in than their buildings allow.

Earlier this week, Tuscaloosa City Attorney Scott Holmes sent out a letter to bars around Tuscaloosa reiterating the laws around overcrowding and emphasizing punishments including fines or arrests.

Read the statement right here.

Even people who frequent the bars said they’re concerned at the crowding.

“I think it could be a serious issue with bars being overcrowded,” said UA student Lindsay Stock. “What if there was a fire? It could be a serious issue so I think taking precautions will help.”

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue has been seeing the overcrowding issues firsthand, especially on home game weekends, said Tuscaloosa Fire Marshal Patrick Stines.

“We want to make sure all occupants inside of the building are safe and able to move in an orderly fashion in the event of a fire or emergency,” Stines said. “That’s why we felt like this was the right approach to take as far as dealing with overcrowding.”

The city is also enacting queueing permits for businesses that have lines outside their property. Those permits and rules regarding them are not yet fully in place.

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