Tuscaloosa bar owners host voter registration event

TUSCALOOSA – Local bar owners gathered to host a voter registration event to encourage the community to get registered.  This first voter registration promotion drive was held at Dave’s Crimson Bar, but the series of events will run through the Nov. 8 General Election voter registration deadline on Oct. 24.

Owner David Green said they wanted to host this event because it is important that residents get out and vote.

“I am just here to do my small part in trying to get everyone out and registered to vote,” said Green.

One of the issues stressed during the event was that many people who have served time for felonies in Alabama can get their voting rights back if they follow the proper steps.

“I think a lot of people think just because they have a felony that they need to get that expunged before they vote,” said Shelton State Community College Community Relations Dean Joseph Eatmon. “But there is actually a list on the Secretary of State’s website that you can go to that gives you the list of crimes and what you need do to get your voting rights back.”

Legally, there are only two felonies that prohibit residents from voting: impeachment and treason.

Bar owners stressed this event is not about voting for a particular candidate or party, but about making sure everyone’s voice is heard.



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