Tuscaloosa authorities ensuring you, your stuff stay safe over holidays

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Elise Anzaldua

The holiday season is in full swing, but thieves are all too eager to take advantage of the Christmas cheer and make off with your gifts before they get where they’re going. But Tuscaloosa’s law enforcement agencies are out there doing what they can to catch porch pirates and parking lot break-ins.

“It’s definitely a reality, especially during the holiday season,” said Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Jessica McDaniel.  and criminals have to do their shopping too so they do things a little bit differently and we just need to keep them from doing what they do” said Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jessica McDaniel.

You can protect yourself from porch pirates by:

  • Tracking your packages so you know when they’re coming
  • Ask neighbors to retrieve a package if you can’t right away
  • If your neighborhood is a prime package-theft target, get items delivered elsewhere. Most shipping companies allow for packages to be picked up at nearby shipping centers or local stores

The Tuscaloosa Police Department is hard at work patrolling the skies with its Shopper Chopper this holiday season, ensuring thieves aren’t stealing your holiday cheer by pilfering packages from your car while you shop.

“We’ve got police pilots over here,” said TPD Lt. Chris James. “We’ve got four (pilots), and we are basically the eye in the sky for the city. We can see things ground officers can’t see, and we’re able to direct them over there to handle the issue.”

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