Tuscaloosa approves medical marijuana dispensary measure

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medical marijuana

It wasn’t unanimous last week, and the measure lost a vote on Tuesday but the Tuscaloosa City Council is moving forward with allowing medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits.

If the state of Alabama allows for one to be there, that is.

“At this point, we’ll just be waiting on more instructions from the state about the specifics of how this dispensary is run, licensed and operated here in our city or if we actually have one,” said District 2 Tuscaloosa City Council Member Raevan Howard.

District 5 Council Member Kip Tyner said he’s hoping Tuscaloosa is among the cities chosen for the 12 licensees and 37 dispensaries around the state.

It’d be a great economic boost, after all.

“I think it would be good for Tuscaloosa to get our name in the hat,” Tyner said. “People need to understand we did not legalize marijuana by any means. It’s for medicinal purposes only.”

Once the statewide system is up and running, Alabamians will be able to visit a doctor and get a prescription for medical marijuana if they have one of 16 medical conditions, ranging from cancer treatment to chronic pain or autism.

“Its going to be significant revenue for wherever the sites are in Alabama,” said Tyner.

District 3’s Norman Crow voted no last week, and his vote was no different time time. District 4’s Lee Busby voted for the measure last week but changed his vote to no.

“I had a hard time voting for something we don’t know what all the rules are yet,” Crow said. “There’s going to be another legislative session coming. There’s still going to be some potential changes to the law and how that works. I still don’t think I could vote for it because we don’t know what the rules are in place.”

The earliest the state could see medical marijuana available for sale is 2023.

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