Tuscaloosa Amphitheater preps for hot concerts

Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

Here’s some good news for concert goers at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.  If you’re attending a concert like the one Wednesday night at the Amp during these hot summer months, you are encouraged to bring your own empty plastic bottles with you, as long as they are no larger than 32 ounces.

A cooling station is set up inside the venue to stage left, where fans can fill up their bottles free of charge.

“With the heat index that is happening, we actually got a water station set up for fans,” Tuscaloosa Amphitheater Operations Manager Matt Jones said. “The fans have been encouraged to bring their own water bottles. As long as they are not made of glass, they can bring those in if they are empty and then they can refill here for free. Obviously they got a filtered water stations for fans. ”

Jones said this heat is nothing to play with, and they are prepared in case of medical emergencies.

“We will have two different EMS carts, one in the east plaza, one in the west plaza here, for any and every health situation. Especially tonight, just watching for heat related illnesses and heat related situations that may happen to our guests.”

If you were thinking about pre-gaming with alcohol in heat like this, think again.

“If you’re pre-gaming beforehand or before you get here with alcohol, it’s extremely dangerous,” Jones said. “You get in and that sun comes out and people will just get dehydrated quickly. That is why we are thankful for tours to bring the water station here. It is one of those measures we are going to be looking at moving forward, especially heat index for days like these. This will be running all night long and I expect it to be just as busy as the beer stands.”


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