Tuesday evening, models walked the stage wearing looks from the ’70s to today. But it wasn’t just a look at the past; those looks offered the important message that sexual assault victims should not be blamed for their assault because of the clothes they wore.

The event hosted by Turning Point at Hotel Capstone, had some special guests, too: the Tuscaloosa, Northport and University of Alabama police departments, offering their support and armed with information for the audience.

Models wore a range of outfits, including workout wear, casual clothes and dressy styles from the past four decades.

Turning Point Education and Outreach Coordinator Portia Shepherd said the event was inspired by the 1988 movie “The Accused” starring Jodie Foster and Kelly McGillis. The film features a woman who is raped in a bar by several men, and the high-profile case that follows.

During the trial, a defense attorney questions the woman on her life, suggesting she somehow invited or deserved being attacked.

“It’s not what a victim wears that determines whether or not he or she is sexually assaulted,” Shepherd said. “So we wanted to break that stigma, and tonight I think we did.”

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