Tucker who? Fox News hosts avoid Carlson’s name after ouster

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tucker carlson

The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) – Tucker who? Tucker Carlson was a non-person on the Fox News Channel prime-time the night he was fired.

Former colleague Sean Hannity said “we’re not talking” about Carlson in the midst of a segment on Monday’s other big media news, the firing of CNN anchor Don Lemon.

He brought up Carlson just to contrast the former Fox star’s large audience compared to what Lemon drew at “CNN This Morning.”

Colleague Laura Ingraham didn’t mention Carlson at all, but found room for a segment on a contest in Belgium where people pretended to screech like seagulls.

Carlson’s firing, meanwhile, was the lead story on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts.

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4/25/2023 1:47:42 PM (GMT -5:00)

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