Tucker Carlson amplifies Jan. 6 lies with GOP-provided video

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tucker carlson

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to unleash a trove of Jan. 6 Capitol attack footage to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has launched a wholesale Republican effort to rewrite the history of the deadly siege.

Carlson aired the first installment of some 41,000 hours of security footage on his prime-time show and promised more Tuesday.

The conservative commentator is working to reverse the narrative of the attack that had played out for the world to see into one more favorable to Donald Trump.

It comes as Trump is again running for president and executives at the cable news giant have admitted the network spread the former president’s false claims about the 2020 election, which Trump lost to Joe Biden.

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3/7/2023 4:50:02 PM (GMT -6:00)

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