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Just over a week into the new presidential administration, President Donald Trump signed his name to several executive orders and several more executive actions with far-reaching consequences for those living in the U.S. and abroad.

On Day One, Trump signed an executive order as a first step in the long process to repeal the Affordable Care Act, called the Executive Order Minimizing the Economic Burden of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pending Repeal.

Other actions and orders include immigration and border controls to reviving the Keystone and Dakota pipeline. For a full list of presidential actions and orders, visit

WVUA 23 Political Analyst Steve Flowers said Trump’s first week has been a boon for conservative values in the country.

“Trump’s actions have reaffirmed the conservatives of Alabama’s belief that he is gonna be an extremely strong and conservative president,” Flowers said.

But others are concerned about what will happen in the wake of an ACA repeal.

“In order to replace something, you have to have a plan,” said Alabama resident Skip Regan. “And if you want everybody to have confidence in that plan, you have to have it prepared and discuss it so that people have comfort with the viability of that new plan.”

Trump’s latest executive action, the Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States order, placed an immediate 90-day ban barring residents of seven countries from entering the US. Those countries are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The ban includes U.S. residents with valid green cards or visas.

Alabama San. Gerald Allen said he has nothing but praise for Trump.

“We are in difficult times,” Allen said. “And fighting a brand new type of war now, and we don’t know who we’re fighting.”

The president also enacted an “extreme vetting” process for Syrian refugees, suspending the U.S. refugee admissions program for about four months, until members of Trump’s cabinet believe those entering the country as refugees are properly vetted.

Governor Robert Bentley released this statement shortly after.

“November 2015, the State of Alabama took action against the admittance of refugees from terrorist nations, particularly Syria. Upon deeper analysis, as Governor, I later discovered the Obama Administration’s lack of adherence to the Refugee Resettlement Act to be extremely troubling and potentially dangerous. In Alabama we learned of glaring flaws and safety and security concerns in the refugee vetting process, and a blatant effort by the Federal government to circumvent states in the vetting and the admission process. In the Refugee Act, Congress specifically requires the federal government to consult with states regarding the placement of refugees before placement can be made within the state’s borders. That consultation with Alabama has not occurred.

“The Federal government must comply with its statutory obligations to consult with states before placing refugees within its borders. This issue is about correcting a deeply flawed process. Certainly those who are persecuted, especially Christians, in extreme terrorist nations must be able to seek a place of safe refuge, through proper channels. However we cannot ignore the process set in place already, and we simply cannot risk placing American’s or Alabamian’s lives in danger. President Trump is right to stop this very flawed process until extreme vetting can take place.

“President Trump’s action today is exactly why Republican states and their Governors are enthusiastic about the Trump Administration. Finally, states are being heard, concerns are being met and action is being taken.”

Many U.S. residents say they’re becoming concerned about the message America is sending out.

“I’m more concerned with the immigration focusing on specifically majority Muslim countries,” Regan said. “It send out a very bad message. We have to be the ones who give hope, not take it away.”

Trump is just putting his words into action, Allen said.

“Now he’s keeping his campaign promise that he made to American people to keep America safe and to protect America,” he said. “I applaud the new President.”

On Saturday, a Federal Judge ruled the refugees detained since the executive order was issued, are not to be deported. That order can be viewed here.

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