Trump Org.’s longtime CFO chokes up, says he betrayed trust


The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) – Donald Trump’s longtime finance chief choked up on the witness stand Thursday, saying he betrayed the Trump family’s trust by scheming to dodge taxes on $1.7 million in company-paid perks, including a Manhattan apartment and luxury cars.

Allen Weisselberg, a senior adviser and ex-chief financial officer at the former president’s Trump Organization, said he conspired with a subordinate to hide more than a decade’s worth of extras from his taxable income, but that neither Trump nor his family were involved in the scheme.

The Trump Organization is on trial, accused of helping Weisselberg and others avoid paying income taxes on compensation in addition to their salaries.

Prosecutors argue the company is liable because Weisselberg was entrusted to act on its behalf.

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11/17/2022 1:48:24 PM (GMT -6:00)

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