Decorrion Johnson

Seven-year-old Decorrin Johnson was outside playing at a birthday party when he was shot and killed in September of 2014.

JaPaul Williams and Lavares Jackson were arrested and charged with Decorrin’s murder. Witness testimony during the trial revealed the two suspected shooters were fighting over a woman and began shooting at each other near the home on Washington Street where Decorrin and his cousins were playing outside.

Decorrin was struck by a bullet in the neck. According to his mother Deanna Johnson, he was able to run into her arms before he died.

“It’s been rough, I’m not going to lie,” Johnson said. “Times been rough, times been hard, sometimes I just didn’t want to do anything. Sometimes I just wanted to ball up in a corner and just sit there for a moment and let it sink in right now.”

Decorrin’s aunt Sarah Banks said life will never be the same no matter the outcome of this trial.

“It’s hard to deal with a situation to where a seven year old who’s life was just beginning and he was taken away due to senseless behaviors,” Banks said. “It’s just very disappointing. It’s heartbreaking for my sister. I think it’s going to give her peace and her closure, but not matter what the outcome is, it will never give her her son back.”

Lavares Jackson has not had his day in court. If convicted, both Jackson and Williams could fact the death penalty or life in prison without possibility of parole.

Williams’ trial will reconvene on Jan. 24.

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