Traveling for spring break? Here are some tips and locations

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By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Caleb Aguayo

Like rainstorms and the golden glow of pollen, spring means spring break for students. If students’ families can take off, too, it’s a prime time to travel.

Tuscaloosa travel planner Beth Cooley said the travel industry has been steadily recovering since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down a lot of vacation plans beginning in 2020.

But travel costs add up quick, Cooley said.

“When gas goes up, air fare goes up,” Cooley said. “But one thing to consider is planning as far in advance as possible with air fare. That can kind of help cut that cost and keep it more affordable.”

Not only should you plan your trip in advance, Cooley said you should also invest in travel insurance before taking any sort of international trip.

Along with general travel, Cooley said cruises in particular are once again a booming industry, especially because many are all-inclusive.

And some University of Alabama students are also planning to travel, undeterred by the looming costs.

For Tuscaloosa city and county schools and the University of Alabama, spring break is March 11 through March 19.

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