Trash mixup rectified in Bibb County after mid-week holiday

The Fourth of July falling on a Tuesday may have your work week all out of wack.  It sure caused some confusion in Bibb County.

Great White Rolloff and Recycling out of Gordo is the contracted trash collector for Bibb County, including the cities of Centreville and Brent.

“The cities signed on with the county to do a consolidated effort to give people a better deal over all,” Centreville Mayor Mike Oakley said. “We bill customers for trash through our water and sewer rate.”

Mayor Oakley said over the holiday, there was some miscommunication on when the company was going to collect residents’ trash.

“We got some communication mixed up from the company,” Oakley said. “Somebody thought they weren’t going to run Monday. They asked us if we could put it on our website which we did and they ran Monday, so people didn’t put their trash out.”

We all know how much waste we collect over a holiday weekend, especially one that involves food and cookouts.

“You know over holidays, you accumulate a lot of trash,” Oakley said. “We tend to barbecue and we’ve got this and that. Trash gets pretty nasty. You have a delay anyway, but it’s so good to have a company that works with us in rectifying any situation that we have. The trash company told us this morning that they were doing a circle back over the routes they missed and doing their regular routes from this point forward. So really it’s a non-issue. We are grateful to have Great White.”

Oakley said Great White is back to its normal routes and everyone’s trash should be collected soon if hasn’t been already. He said the company handled the situation with true professionalism and made the situation right.

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