Students heading back to school means more traffic, school buses and pedestrians to contend with.

Communications Officer Carrie Baker with the Northport Police Department said parents should make sure their children know how to keep themselves safe.

For instance, Baker said, make sure kids keep a card with parents’ phone numbers in their backpack, along with one that includes first responders’ information.

And, Baker said, the No. 1 precaution is adjusting your own behavior on the roadway.

Be on the lookout for school buses and pedestrians at all times, she said.

Not to mention, as the school year gets back into swing, traffic snarls are getting bigger.

Jon Howell with the Tuscaloosa Department of Transportation said your normal commuting routine might change a little with the new influx of drivers.

And, he said, with extra traffic and road work, all you can do is prepare yourself for unexpected delays.

But, Howell said, T-DOT is doing its best to make sure your commute runs smoothly.

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