Traffic in Northport neighborhood causing concerns

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Traffic is causing some problems for residents in the Forest Manor neighborhood in Northport.

Residents are asking for speed tables to slow drivers down, but say their requests have been denied by the city of Northport.

Neighborhood resident Christi Prince said drivers are not coming to a complete stop at the stop sign, and many are also speeding.

“This four way stop here, people do not stop,” Prince said. “We have kids in this neighborhood riding bikes, we have people trying to walk their dogs and they just will not stop.”

WVUA 23 news cameras caught some drivers Friday who were most likely speeding.

“They just will not stop and they fly,” Prince said. “Most of the time they will be doing an OK speed until they get to the stop sign, and they just floor it and go straight through.”

Prince said she started a petition for speed bumps to be placed in the neighborhood.

“It was denied because fire engine trunks cannot go over speed tables because it tears up their truck,” Prince said.

Neighborhood resident Cherry Pendley said she has lived in the Forest Manor neighborhood since 1987. The community had speed tables years ago, she said, but they’ve since been taken out.

“My grandkids come over and there are cars speeding through,” Pendley said. “I know people use this road as a cut through from Main Avenue to get to Lurleen (Wallace Boulevard). They don’t need to do this. This is a residential area. Back in 1987, there were two speed breakers addition to the dip up there, it helps slow the traffic down plus the stop sign even if they didn’t stop it still slowed them down some.”

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon said he’s is aware of residents’ concerns and plans to meet with the city engineer to see what they can do about the issue.

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