Post Office Traffic Crashes00000000

Northport Police investigate hundreds of crashes throughout their City Of Northport.But, one part of U.S. Highway 82 seems to be especially dangerous.

1,176 car crashes were investigated in the past year in the City Of Northport.

Seven crashes were in the area of the Northport Post Office.

According to Police Reports, December 1st and December 18th, which was Monday, Northport Police

responded to 4200 Mcfarland Boulevard, the address to the United States Postal Service.

“It is an area with people coming out and going across as people are going basically downhill. Many times we have worked some pretty serious accidents in those areas” says Northport Assistant Police Chief Keith Carpenter.

“Most of the accidents I’ve worked in that area through the years are when people are trying to go across and go East on Mcfarland while other traffic is going West of Mcfarland” says Carpenter.

Chief Carpenter says this is a busy time at the post office.

There’s a lot of traffic from people trying to send Holiday Packages.

“Its important that we look at some areas to try and work with the Post Office to try and find them another location. I think its going to help with the safety of our travelers with folks coming in and just people using that facility” says District 2, Northport City Councilman Jay Logan.

Councilman Jay Logan brought this concern to WVUA 23 News a week ago.

Logan says the City is ready to step in help.

“We already got some letters drafted to our U.S. Senator Richard Shelby’s office and we’re going to follow the chain of command and maybe go to our local Congress Representatives. We fully support what our Post Office brings to our City. We want to see them flourish and grow with us and we just feel like its important for us to step in and do what we can” says Logan.

WVUA 23 News talked with some drivers who wouldn’t go on camera.

They told us something needs to happen to make it a little safer when customers are leaving the Post Office and trying to merge onto U.S. Highway 82.

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