TPD officers lauded after helping person experiencing major crisis

Monday night, Tuscaloosa Police Department responded to the overpass near DCH Regional Medical Center on reports of a man who’d climbed over the railing and was threatening to jump.
“In spite of our uniform sometimes, we want to seem as human as we possibly can, ” said TPD Behavioral Health Unit Commander Lt. Craig Parker.
Patrol officers immediately closed off parts of University and McFarland boulevards to traffic while other officers made contact with the gentleman.“It is as simple as starting with a greeting,” Parker said.Two officers took the lead, one being Cpl. Tre Brown.“He wanted to jump,” Brown said.Brown and the initial officer on the scene, Cpl. Michael Cash eventually gained the man’s trust and convinced him to cross back over the guard rail. “Because of our negotiations and the rapport that was built with him, he realized that maybe he could give life another shot,” Brown said.Both officers have received extensive training with TPD’S Crisis Intervention Team as well as FBI Negotiation Training.
  Brown said when dealing with someone like the man who was on the overpass, they search for what they call “hooks” and “triggers” “So, you can imagine when you’re using those hooks, things you know that you love, you enjoy, it brings you in and really makes you vulnerable,” Brown said. “But when you use triggers it makes you a little bit stand-off-ish and you’re really not willing to talk. Most importantly, the things that you always need is supervisors who believe in you. Our supervisors believed in us and allowed us to do the things we’re trained to do and we were able to help someone in crisis.”He said his officers were faced with a difficult and tense situation, but that he could not be prouder of how they handled the crisis. “Our guys absolutely operated by the textbook of how I would direct them to operate,” Parker said. “I couldn’t be more proud of the job that they did and it’s absolute starting out “hey, we’re here to help you.”
The man asked to be taken to North Harbor Psychiatric Facility.
With the help of these officers, he’s now getting the help he needs.
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