TPD cracking down on catalytic converter thefts

With thefts of catalytic converters on the rise over the past few months, the Tuscaloosa Police Department is launching a special operation to curb the crime.

Police said they received 78 reports of stolen catalytic converters since the middle of April. Of that figure, 40 were reported stolen since July 1.

Responsible for emitting exhaust from vehicles, catalytic converters also contain certain precious metals that make them pricey to replace.

Police Captain Kip Hart said because of the increase of such crimes, his department is conducting a new operation to catch the criminals. But he needs the public to stay vigilant, too.

“We’re seeing church buses, passenger vans, big work trucks are the primary target of the thieves,” he said, advising people to “keep an eye on their vehicles if they are left overnight and check them on a regular basis.”

Most of these happen overnight, but Hart said they can happen in broad daylight, too.

If you see any kind of suspicious behavior, contact TPD at 205-349-2121.

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