Top artist awards in 50th annual Kentuck Festival

Kentuck Flag

By WVUA 23 Digital Reporter Kyrsten Eller

The 50th Kentuck Festival of the Arts is officially in the books.

Hundreds of people came out to Northport over the weekend to enjoy the festival, including artists from all around the country to share their art.

Each year, $7,000 in awards are given by a small panel of judges. This year, Robert Taylor won “Best in Show” for his metal work.

Luis Guitierrez and Jackie Haliburton each won an award of distinction.

Merit awards were given to 12 artists total. These artists are as follows:

  • Cym Doggett, Metal, D-06
  • Don McWhorter, Clay, A-06
  • Nicario Jimenez, Mixed Media, A-08
  • Craig McMillin, Clay, H-17
  • Athlone Clarke, Mixed Media, E-05
  • Carole Jayne, Metal, C-25
  • Rocky Pardo, Jewelry, F-02
  • Lukuise Swanigan, Fiber, D-11
  • Steve Nowatzki, Printmaking, E-26
  • Chris Carr, Photography, B-19
  • Ben Caldwell, Metal, E-45
  • Marge Luttrell, Mixed Media, A-05

A full list of winners can also be found right here.

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