Top 5 takeaways from SEC Media Days you didn’t get from the main microphone

Alabama players arrive at the 2023 SEC Football Kickoff, Wednesday July 19,2023 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Nashville,Tn . (Jimmie Mitchell/SEC)

By: WVUA 23 Sports Reporter Juliet Brown

Alabama players and head coach Nick Saban addressed the media ahead of the 2023 football season on Wednesday. Here are five takeaways from the players addressing the media.

5. Dallas Turner is the best defensive player in the SEC

A reporter asked Turner if he believed he was the best defensive player in the SEC to which he responded, “Yessir, I believe so.” Cornerback Kool-Aid McKinstry and offensive lineman J.C. Latham both agreed.

4. Turner can execute a ghost move

When saying that he was the best defensive player in the SEC, Latham reflected on the time that Turner executed a ghost move against Ole Miss last season. Unfortunately for Alabama fans, a penalty negated the play. Nonetheless, it showed Turner’s athletic ability.

“A ghost move is not easy to perform,” Latham said. “So the way he performed it essentially flawlessly and got to the quarterback shows what type of player he is because this is the type of player he is. It’s not just a one time thing. He can do this on a constant basis.”

A ghost move in Latham terms is “when an offensive lineman punch, he kinda just like ghosts under the punch, so you gotta be able to bend. You gotta be able to move.”

3. How Kool-Aid McKinstry got his name

“The day I was born I came out with a smile and my grandma said I had a Kool-Aid smile,” McKinstry said. He said he lost count on how many times he’s been asked how he got his name.

2. and 1.

The last two points go hand and hand. Latham wanted to join in on McKinstry’s interview and asked a couple questions and the exchange was too funny not to share.

Latham: One-on-one with J.C., the game on the line, are you making the tackle?

McKinstry: Of course. Definitely flipping J.C.

Latham: Wow… wow… okay. so do you think you can match up to his physicality?

McKinstry: Yes I feel that I can match up to J.C.’s physicality. I feel that he’s not physical at all actually. J.C. is very soft. You know, that’s just how I feel about J.C.

Latham: One-on-one with J.C. at receiver, you at D-end who’s winning?

McKinstry: J.C. do not have a chance to get off the line of scrimmage

McKinstry also said he approves of J.C.’s shoes which were bedazzled. He said J.C. didn’t want to tie them.JC Latham

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