Title IX: NCAA report shows stark gap in funding for women

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Title IX

AP Sports Writer

The number of women competing at the highest level of college athletics continues to rise along with an increasing funding gap for men’s and women’s sports programs.

An NCAA report examining the 50th anniversary of the Title IX civil-rights law found 47.1% of participation opportunities were for women across Division I in 2020 compared to 26.4% in 1982.

Yet amid that growth, men’s programs received more than double that of women’s programs in allocated resources in 2020.

NCAA managing director for the office of inclusion and lead report author Amy Wilson told The Associated Press the resource gap was “stark.”

It stands out when evaluating how schools use resources to comply with Title IX by providing equitable opportunities for male and female athletes.

You can read more about the report, along with the report itself, right here.

You can read more about the NCAA’s Title IX efforts right here.

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6/23/2022 1:36:25 PM (GMT -5:00)

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