Tips to Remember During Freezing Temperatures

Hello, winter weather! Temperatures dropped rapidly Monday and will continue to stay near freezing for the next few days.

Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue is advising residents to be proactive and prepare for the freezing temperatures.

When preparing, there are several things to keep in mind. Cats and dogs left outside in freezing temperatures can develop frostbite in their ears, noses, and paws.

If you can, bring your furry friends inside. If that isn’t possible, make sure they have access to an insulated garage or shed and plenty of blankets.

If you want to avoid busted pipes, make sure your outdoor water spigots are covered.

Leaving faucets dripping in your house can keep your pipes from freezing, and save you from thousands of dollars of damage.

Space heaters are great ways to keep your house a little warmer, but if they are left too close to drapes or other fabrics in your home, they can become a fire hazard.

WVUA 23 Reporter Aajene Robinson spoke with Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue EMS Chief Chris Holloway about safety precautions to take when it comes to space heaters in the home.

“You need to be very careful with your space heaters,” Holloway said.  “First, make sure you have the right kind of space heater, an electric space heater if possible,” Holloway added. “Make sure your space heater is not plugged into an extension cord, and keep it three feet away from anything that is combustible like drapes or clothing.”

If you have no place to keep warm, one place to turn is the Salvation Army. You can also call local law enforcement.

The Salvation Army doors will be open, but a negative Covid-19 test and a background check are required for entry.

The Salvation Army also provides blankets and clothing for those who need it.

As for warming stations, Holloway said they are still waiting for updates.

“Right now we are not real clear on how many warming stations will be open and where they are located,” Holloway said. “311 is a good resource for information. “As this information about the warming stations becomes available, 311 will be able to relay it to people.”

Chief Holloway also told us another mistake people often make during the winter months, “Do not use your stove to heat your home,” Holloway advises.  “It is dangerous and unsafe.”


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