Tips for heading back to school

The start of a new school year is a good time for parents to set up new routines for their families.

University of Alabama College of Education Elementary Education Clinical Assistant Professor Cailin Kerch offered up some tips including:

  • Prioritize sleep
  • Have a spot in your home where children can store school-related items
  • Determine what time you need to leave home in the morning

Kerch said she also recommends parents have a dropoff and pickup routine for when your children leave and when you see them again.

“Try to ask specific questions,” Kerch said. ” ‘Tell me about two friends that you played with. Tell me what did you do?’ It is going to give us families some information about their day. This can help ease our anxiety and you are also going to get them to have that predictability in their routine,” said Kerch.

Get that routine established as early as you can, she said.

If you have concerns about your child while they’re in school, reach out to their teacher or counselor.

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