TUSCALOOSA- Tide For Tusk is a way for everyday people to help save an amazing animal.

The Tide for Tusk Exhibit opened today at The Alabama Museum of National History. Tide for Tusks is a non-profit organization that is raising awareness of poaching and the need for conservation of African elephants.

The exhibit allowed students and community members to see The University of Alabama’s connection and history with elephants. visitors can learn great facts about the elephant, see some beautiful pictures, and also color an elephant for the exhibit.

UA is the only major institution with an elephant as its mascot. Researchers are predicting that if we don’t do something now in 10 years UA will be the only major institution with an extinct mascot. So Tide for Tusks is a great way to start waking the community up.

Exhibit designer, Reata Strickland, hopes all of her hard work will bring awareness to the community.

“Ive always had a great love for elephants. So being able to use my graphics, research, and imagery to explain their life or give people a little more understanding of the history of the elephant and Alabama is a great accomplishment for me.”

For more information on how to involved with Tide For Tusks visit TideForTusks.org.

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