Thursday storm damages homes in Hale County

Hale County Web

Several families in the Hale County area are facing major damage to their homes or property after heavy storms blew through the county and much of the state Thursday morning.

Donnie Wedgeworth, who lives in Greensboro, said the tornado caused so much damage to his home he and his wife will be sleeping in a camper for the time being.

“We got some significant structural damage,” he said. “Our shop is about gone and almost all of our trees took damage.”

Just down the road, a massive tree fell and knocked down power lines and blocked entrances to several homes.

But Hale County Pastor James Franks had good advice for those affected.

“Just take it one day at a time and watch God provide and restore our home back, restore our minds back from this tornado,” Franks said. “Just one day at a time.”

On Highway 25, several homes were blown open, leaving furniture, clothes and family memories scattered across lawns.

Hale County Emergency Management Agency Director Russell Weeden said it could take weeks to get everything cleaned up.

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