Thousands of 8th grade students from all around West Alabama are making their way to Shelton State Community College for the first annual Worlds of Work Career Expo.

The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama, along with over one hundred local companies have joined forces to put this unique event together.

But, why focus on bringing eighth graders to this event?
President and CEO of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce Jim Page says this is a crucial age because as ninth graders these students will take a Career Exploration class and they need to be aware of what job opportunities are available in their area.
From healthcare, to law enforcement to hospitality industry workers..representatives from all kinds of career fields are a part of WOW.
Students were able to work hands on with these professionals and witness first hand what it is they do.
Students also had the chance to learn about the schooling behind these professions.
The exhibits were exclusively for 8th grade students during the morning, but  after lunch high school students had the opportunity to take advantage of learning about these career opportunities as well.

Mercedes Benz President and CEO Jason Hoff took a second of his time to tell our Chelsea Barton what it means to MBUSI to partner with other local businesses and community members for this special event.

We’re told this will be an annual event.

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