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This week: Tuscaloosa County residents voting on property tax measure

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

Residents in Tuscaloosa County are heading to the voting booth Tuesday, determining whether or not the Tuscaloosa County School System will be getting what amounts to $15 million more in funding a year. That money will come from an 8-mill increase in property taxes for homeowners and those who own property in the county in addition to tax bills for cars, boats and the like.

If the increase passes, TCSS has a list of wanted items. But on top of the list is more funding for school safety.

“We don’t have enough school resource officers in our schools,” said TCSS Superintendent Keri Johnson. “This money would allow us to have more resource officers across our schools.”

That’s imperative for the school system, Johnson said, because county schools are spread far apart in some places.

“If we have an emergency, our response time sometimes can take awhile,” she said. “By having more people out there we can cut down on that response time in case of an emergency.”

Heather Dill lives in Tuscaloosa County and said she wouldn’t mind paying the tax increase because the long-term benefits outweigh the cost increase.

“People don’t understand that this will increase the value of their property,” Dill said. “The money is not anything compared to what the benefits are going to bring.”

While TCSS and many parents are hoping the vote will pass, other residents aren’t interested in paying more no matter what that money will fund.

“I am voting no,” said resident Sammie Schlichter. “I live in the county and I don’t want any higher taxes.”

Most Tuscaloosa County homeowners pay the state minimum of 10 mills in property taxes. On Tuesday, voters will decide if their property taxes will be raised another 8 mills.

If approved, homeowners would be paying about $75 more per $100,000 their home is appraised. If your home is valued at

A $200,000 home would be an additional $150. That would generate an additional $15 million dollars a year for the Tuscaloosa County Schools District.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Feb. 14

Tuscaloosa city residents are not eligible to vote in this election.

Need to find your polling place? Check right here.

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