Brookwood Flags

Two individuals stole six American flags from poles surrounding the Veterans Memorial at Brookwood Town Park over the weekend, but Old Glory is once again flying over the park.

Police say that the two suspects walked into the park from across the street and ripped each of the flags down. Even though officials wasted no time putting the flags back up, the community is still outraged.

“This is the Brookwood Veterans Memorial. Every man whose name is on that memorial, he served our country. Some of them died,” Brookwood park director Bill Squires said.

Investigators believe the suspects walked into the park from across the street and ripped each of the flags down. Squires said it is important to treat the area with the respect it deserves.

“I would like them to know that patriotism is important to our town,” he said. “Respect for our flag and respect for out town is important. We hate to see people punished for no reason, but I would like to see them educated on this and what the value of the flag is.”

Residents like Austin Riko uses the park to exercise. Like so many others, he was shocked at the senselessness of the crime.

“I wouldn’t expect it from such a nice little town like Brookwood,” Riko said. “It hurts me a little bit because it’s the American flag. It’s everything we as Americans represent. It’s heartbreaking.”

To residents’ relief, officials wasted no time putting the new flags up.

“We felt very strongly that it was very important to get these flags back up and back flying and let the community know that we are not going to let something like this happen,” Squires said. “We are going to get our flags up back flying to show out patriotism and our community pride.”

Law enforcement officials are offering an $800 reward for any tips that lead investigators to the suspects and a conviction. Tips can be reported by calling 205-752-0616.

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