Part III of The Training Behind the Badge focuses on firearms training and safety.

“We work through stress inoculation, so we try to put our guys through as many situations as possible,” Lt. Jeff Holloway with the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office told WVUA 23. “Hopefully, when we see something when we are on an actual call out , it’s something that we train towards. it may not be the exact scenario, but at least we’ve been exposed to as many of those as possible,” he added.

On site, there are two ranges: The paved 50 yard range allows vehicles to be used in firearms training specifically armored vehicle training and shooting from or behind a patrol car.

The 100 yard range is equipped with various target systems for distance precision training.

“Having the facilities are definitely a big help,” Deputy Jason Mellown told our crew.

Accuracy isn’t the only aspect of firearms training.

The TCSO has a simulator with over 250 scenarios where officers have to decide whether or not to use deadly force.
“Every day is different. You don’t always respond to the same call,” said Sgt. Alex Miles. “You never know what you’re going to face when you step out of that car everyday call, so we have to try to prepare our guys the best that we can for whatever the world may throw at them.”
Law enforcement all across the world is experiencing growing resistance and in some cases hate against them. Tuscaloosa County deputies say they thankfully they don’t see much of this here, but want to make promises to the community they serve and protect.
“To be honest with you, I wish I never had to carry a gun. I never wake up and want to have to harm someone ever.” -Deputy Michael Clanton
“No officer goes out to his shift trying to hurt somebody. That’s not our job. Our job is to protect you, to protect your family members, and to go home and night.” – Deputy Mark Weaver
“I’m here to lay my life on the line to protect those people that I have never met and for children that have yet to be born. That’s what I’m here for is to serve the public.” – Sgt. Alex Miles


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