A woman running what the city deemed an illegal dog rescue operation has been told to cease operations by the city of Northport.

Residents of Smith Acres Subdivision in Northport brought their concerns to the Northport City Council last week, saying they don’t feel safe in their own neighborhood because of dogs barking and roaming around.

Residents said they were afraid to go outside their homes, and said several dogs in the neighborhood were attacked by animals being kept at the dog rescue.

City Council President Jay Logan said Monday night that the rescue operation is registered with the state of Alabama as a nonprofit, under the name Southern Paws Animal Rescue.

But Northport requires nonprofits to have a business license, and the residential area the rescue is operating in is not zoned for businesses.

“The operations that were in that neighborhood could not operate because it was running as a business in a residential neighborhood, which is totally against our code,” Logan said. “So we’ve engaged the residents and pretty much ceased operations from that standpoint.”

The rescue is doing a commendable job helping animals in need, Logan said, but that help can’t come at the expense of the law.


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