A unanimous decision, the City Of Northport’s 2018 Budget approved.

It includes the General Found and the Water And Sewer Fund and about $435,000 in outside Agency Funding.

The budget also includes a 2% pay increase for Municipal Employees.

This Budget is an abbreviated 9 Month Budget, totaling just under $34 Million.

Back in November, the Council voted to return to a Fiscal Year format beginning in October.

The 2018 Budget will only cover January through September instead of the entire Year.

“2017 ended up being a good year for the City Of Northport. Revenue came in as projected if not a little higher so, as we’re moving into the 2018 Budget, we were looking to start at a good point” says Bruce Higginbotham, Northport City Administrator.

The Council will approve a Capital Budget at the end of January 2018.

The Council also approved Annexing 39 acres of land next to Lowe’s on Highway 82 in Northport.

This will also rezone the property to Commercial.

The Annexation will give the City the opportunity to work closer with the Development Group to bring in more retail.

“The budget is good, the City if growing. I think you will see us in the future start look at more of an aggressive Annexation process to facilitate more retail for our local development community” says District 2, Northport City Councilman Jay Logan.

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