The best way to handle back-to-school jitters

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Avery Lake

The first day of school can be an intimidating day for some students, especially if you are transitioning to middle school or high school. Entering this new environment can be nerve-wracking and parents should prepare their kids for this new experience. Angela Kelly is Tuscaloosa County School’s Mental Health Services Coordinator. She said that it is best to stay calm and patient when you are dropping off your kids.

“Always at the beginning of school its so important to be patient,” said Kelly. “Everything runs a little bit slower. Buses are a little later. Car lines are longer. Just be patient and calm. It will transfer onto the child, letting them have a good, happy day.”

It’s always important to keep an open line of communication with your child so that if any issues arise while your child is at school, you are there for them to talk to.

“The importance of communication, making sure that your child knows that they can communicate with you,” said Kelly. “The good, the bad, the ugly and just knowing those kids still need structure. Even though they’re kind of bucking against some structure, it’s good to know when they get home they can talk to their parents.”

Keep up with your children and make school a positive experience in their lives.



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