The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) graduated 90 correctional officers in a ceremony held Thursday at the Alabama Correctional Academy in Selma.

Deputy Commissioner Dennis Stamper delivered the commencement address.

“You assume that role model position in the institution,” said Stamper. “The more valuable thing you offer is your insight, your dedication to the mission and your ability to make the institution safer and secure for inmates and staff who work there.”

ADOC has graduated 151 Basic Correctional Officers this year, bringing the total number of newly hired ADOC-certified officers to 280 in the past nine months. More than 118 basic correctional officer applicants are expected to attend the next Alabama Corrections Training Academy in October.

“We have the responsibility to take part in molding our inmates, preparing them for release … to be able to successfully transition from our institutional facility back to our community,” said Stamper.

The ADOC created the Basic Correctional Officer (BCO) position in May 2019 to accelerate the department’s employment pipeline by widening the pool of eligible candidates and generating additional efficiency with hiring security staff.

The new position creates a career path for advancement through professional development opportunities and by completing the Correctional Officer Trainee Academy after gaining valuable experience at the entry-level position.

The new BCO position, as well as the enhanced salary and bonus structures, results from the passage of HB468, which Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law on May 29, 2019

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