That’s a no: Tuscaloosa County votes against property tax increase

Election Results

Tuscaloosa County residents overwhelmingly said no to a pair of proposed property tax increases on the ballot Tuesday.

The measures, on ballots as a 3-mill increase and a separate 5-mill increase, would have represented about a $75 per year increase for a home worth $100,000. Taxes on property including vehicles, boats and other items would have increased, too.

That money would have gone to the Tuscaloosa County School System, and represented a potential $15 million yearly increase in funding. Items the system said would be funded by that money included new buildings and facilities and more school resource officers.

According to Tuscaloosa County’s unofficial election results, with 49 out of 52 precincts reporting:

  • 2,890 residents voted yes on the 3-mill increase
  • 10,321 residents voted no on the 3-mill increase
  • 2,707 residents voted yes on the 5-mill increase
  • 10,488 residents voted no on the 5-mill increase
  • Voter turnout was 17.18%

These numbers will be updated as soon as it’s available.

Election results will be certified within a few weeks of the vote.

Check out the results yourself right here.

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