Temporary Emergency Services provides mobile shower unit for residents in need

Imagine the feeling of taking a hot shower after a long day. Fifteen simple minutes of peace, privacy and relaxation. For most people, it’s a daily ritual. For those without a permanent home, it can be inconceivable privilege.

That’s where Temporary Emergency Services comes in. TES is dedicated to helping individuals and families in crisis situations. 

On Tuesday, the nonprofit stationed its mobile shower unit in the parking lot at First United Methodist Church in downtown Tuscaloosa. The unit sets up shop in areas with residents in need each Tuesday, offering private showers, a human connection, and hospitality.

These principles are a critical step to leading a sustainable and healthy life, yet they are things people experiencing homelessness don’t often receive.

“Our homeless clients are already at a mass disadvantage,” said David Acton with TES. “For them to be able to have a nice, hot shower to clean themselves up, they can go do jobs. It is just one less thing. It allows them to get ahead in life when they are already down and out.”

TES purchased the mobile shower unit in December 2021 with a grant from the city of Tuscaloosa.  TES Director Karen Thompson-Jackson told WVUA 23 News that when the unit serves about 10 people a day.

The nonprofit also provides a free shower and washing machine at its main facility on15th Street in Tuscaloosa. 

A schedule for the mobile unit will be posted on the TES Instagram and Facebook pages. If you know of an area where the mobile shower unit should visit, call TES at 205-758-5535.  

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