Temporary Emergency Services needs more space heaters

Space Heaters

Temporary Emergency Services is doing what it can to ensure no one in Tuscaloosa goes cold at night, but it needs the community’s help. On Friday, the organization hosted a space heater drive to collect heaters and other cold-weather items they can distribute to those in need.

“It is quite cold out here this evening and the temperature is going to continue to drop,” said TES Executive Director Karen Thompson-Jackson. “So we’re asking the community to come by and if you can’t make it today, it’s OK because you can drop off heaters any time.”

TES Is thankful for the support, she said, because just a few weeks ago they were out of space heaters.

“We have had a wonderful turnout from the community for our heater drive,” Thompson-Jackson said.

TES is also accepting blankets, water and any other cold-weather items.

Stillman College student and Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity member Walik Gibson was at TES Friday, and said he was inspired to help those in need because of the recent cold weather.

“Both my college and my fraternity, we’re different,” Gibson said. “We’re always out in the community trying to help.”

TES said the donation drive yielded about 30 space heaters. Those will be handed out sometime this week.

If you’re interested in donating a space heater, cold-weather gear or any other items, you can do so by visiting TES at 1705 15th St. on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monetary donations can be made right here.

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