Mortgage Burning

Temporary Emergency Services has been a helping hand in the Tuscaloosa community for 75 years.

And on Thursday, that community came out to celebrate the organization’s going up in flames. Well, came out to celebrate their mortgage going up in flames, anyway.

TES paid off its mortgage, and what a better way to honor that achievement than setting the original agreement on fire?

Executive Director Karen Jackson said the end of their mortgage means they’ll be capable of helping even more than they already are.

“Our part is helping to meet basic needs, so we are doing our small part while everybody else is doing their part, and it helps a person or a family get through a hard situation,” Jackson said.

Temporary Emergency Services said they’re always in need of donations, both financial and item-wise, and volunteers. Donations can be dropped off at the TES donation center behind the TES Thrift Store, located at 1705 15th St. Monetary donations can be made online right here.

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