Televised January 6 hearings a first in decades

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Asher Redd

The January 6th committee held their first round of hearings last night, Thursday, June 9, but one thing stands out about this hearing: it’s the first time a House Select Committee hearing has been televised during a prime-time slot.

“This was a day when the committee needed to paint a picture for the American public because Americans, like the rest of us and like all of us, need to hear a story,” said Dr. Chris Roberts, a professor of journalism at the University of Alabama.

A comparable time for media is the Watergate scandal, and although Roberts was just a little boy, so much has changed since then.

“Now we’ve got thousands of cable channels plus this Internet thing, and not everybody is on the same page as a society. The goal of the committee tonight is to get as many people as possible to understand that single narrative,” Roberts said.

Nine representatives were chosen from all across the country to take part in the January 6th Committee, two of which are Republicans.

“We have to be based in reality, and it’s easy in this era of the internet to pursue the things that agree with what we already agree with or to get rid of the verifiable information that doesn’t buy into our previously held narrative,” Roberts said.

The committee will hold more hearings in the coming weeks.

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