Teens get firsthand look at law enforcement with Northport Police

Every summer, Northport Police offer teens the chance to learn what law enforcement is all about with the Teen Academy.

Teens 13 to 17 are introduced to several different potential law enforcement career paths during the weeklong program alongside plenty of positive interaction between young people and police officers.

During the weeklong program, cadets learn about investigative techniques, drones, crime scene canvasing and the ins and outs of a traffic stop.

“I was a little nervous at first, but once I got the hang of it I was calm,” said 13-year-old Chance Summerville. “You must be calm while you’re in a traffic stop. You have to make sure you can see the person’s hands.”

It’s a great recruitment tool for future law enforcement, police said, and a way to show that not all law enforcement jobs are the same.

“I chose to be a part of the Teen Academy because I want to be a law enforcement officer when I grow up,” Summerville said.

Another cadet, Lara Riter, said it’s a great learning opportunity.

“I chose to be a part of this academy because I thought it would be fun and I’ve wanted to be a police officer since I was like 3,” Riter said.

That’s the goal, Northport Police Officer Boomer London said.

“We’d love to have them whenever they turn 21,” London said. “We would absolutely love that. We’re always looking for good individuals who can come forward and join our ranks. It’s great to know that we’re making a positive impact because that’s the purpose of doing this. So, that makes me feel good, it makes me think that the academy is doing what it’s supposed to do.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the program or maybe want to sign up for next summer, you can learn more by contacting the Northport Police Department at 205-339-6600.

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