Sustainability and fashion don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but on Wednesday at the University of Alabama, students showed off their mastery of both.

College of Human Environmental Sciences students hosted their annual Tee Time fashion show, which requires anyone showcasing their work to use repurposed goods for their looks.

“It’s basically an opportunity for sophomore and junior students to get outside the box,” said fashion instructor Paula Robinson.

The goal was making something brand new out of older garments, giving new life to old products. Each of the 35 students focused on a different inspiration for their design.

“I’ve always been an artist,” said UA junior Olivia Boswell. “I start with a color or an art piece or a photograph, and that inspires me instead of something I’ve already seen on a runway.”

Aside from sustainable fashion, students learned how to showcase their work.

“It helps them not be afraid to get out in front of people,” Robinson said. “And every artist and designer is always afraid to get out and do that.”



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