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TUSCALOOSA– After leaving his hometown of Mobile, Stillman head basketball coach John Teasley now calls Tuscaloosa his home.

“Just to be able to just be back here in town with the people you know and love and be able to do what you love to do is always exciting,” said Teasley.

Teasley started in Tuscaloosa as the Athletic Director and head basketball coach at North River Christian Academy. He then returned to Mobile to become a part of the coaching staff at Spring Hill College before returning home to become an assistant coach at Stillman. He would be promoted to head coach in 2017 and has since led Stillman to two of the most decorated seasons in program history. Even amidst the success, Teasley remembers the legacy his former boss, Donte Jackson, left.

“[How] to invest in players and helping guys through life i think Coach Jackson taught me those kinds of things and how important they are to really make a difference in a young man’s life,” said Teasley.

Since taking over, Teasley’s followed Jackson’s coaching style by putting the importance on developing young men over winning.

“That’s one of the things that makes coaching great, you get to watch men work hard and then all their hard work together,” said Teasley.

Stillman now turns its attention to defending the Southern States Athletic Conference Championship but teasley’s sights are set on a much bigger goal, a national championship.

“For me it would, it would probably be another dream come true,” said Teasley

And that dream is well within sight.

The SSAC begins Wednesday Feb. 27th. Stillman is the number one seed. The NAIA national tournament will be March 20th- 26th.

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