Reporting by WVUA 23’s Aajene Robinson

Nutrition Ignition is Tuscaloosa County School Systems’ school bus that is being used to serve nutritious and appetizing meals to students.

The bus runs out into the community 12 months out of the year and during the school year, and provides a balanced snack to make sure children in the community are getting healthy and nutritious meals.

Donette Worthy, child nutrition director, talks about the new proposed rule that would provide local school food authorities flexibility in planning lunch and breakfast meals.

“So Trump administration, through the USDA with Sonny Perdue, has proposed some flexibilities for schools for the Healthy Hunger act of 2010,” Worthy said. “So those changes are not really changes because they’re just optional flexibilities that school system will be able to utilize if they so choose.”

Some examples of what the optional flexibilities include for these meals would be putting protein in its own category and offering more protein during breakfast. Other optional flexibilities are geared toward vegetables.

“Taking out the sub groups in vegetables because right now vegetables are split up into five subgroups,” Worthy said. “With the law that we currently have, it states that we have to have so many vegetable offerings per sub group category every single week.”

All of these optional flexibilities are to ensure students are receiving a well balanced meal during the school year.

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