By WVUA 23 Reporter Libbi Farrow

Tuscaloosa City Schools, the NAACP and Beulah Baptist Church came together with the community to come up with ways to help area schools.

Monday, Tuscaloosa City Schools held a community conversation as an opportunity to dialogue with the community about the progress and needs of the schools, but more importantly how the community and education system can do it together. Parents and community members discussed the importance of getting children ready for kindergarten and the effects it has on their futures.

Three schools were on the top of the TCS administration’s radar: Central Elementary School, Westlawn Middle School and Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.

“Tonight we reported out the current data on how those schools are progressing and report out what we’re doing to move the needle of excellence for those schools because what we know is when those schools make improvement – and we believe they are based on what’s being done now – the whole system begins to make progress,” TCS superintendent Mike Daria said. “But, it’s important for us to make these three schools make significant gains this year.”

The purpose of the conversation was to get feedback and engage with parents on what the school systems and community could do better to make students more successful.

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