Taylorville woman has a passion for pink

In this week’s Bright Spots report we introduce you to a woman who’s made her favorite color into a lifestyle.

“Welcome to the pink paradise,” Cathy Quinn said, opening the door to her home for WVUA 23.

Rose colored glasses? No need. Everything inside: from tablecloths, to furniture, Christmas decor, kitchen appliances, you name it.

“Oh, they call me Pinky, Pink Galore, Miss Pink, and of course my grandchildren call me Pink GiGi,” Quinn said.

So why pink?

“I am not sure,” Cathy said. That’s a good question though. Maybe because it takes me back to my happy childhood. Back in those days they didn’t have pink bicycles. I had a blue bicycle. It was terrible. The color pink makes my heart happy.”

Cathy has made lots of other hearts happy with her passion for pink.

“It makes everybody happy it seems,” she said. “You do have to put some neutrals in because it can be overwhelming. Usually not but it can be, so if there is ever a pink bandit, everybody is going to come look for me first I think.”

The presence of pink pops up all throughout Cathy’s past.

“I have my dress from when I was one year old,” she told us. “And it was pink. My mother loved pink also. Back then if you have a little girl, you dress her in pink. It just grew inside me. I try to look for other colors but nothing appeals to me like pink. ”

If it comes in pink, Cathy Cathy likely has it. And if not, she wants it.

“Oh you have that in pink?,” Cathy said. “I’ll take the pink. I have been asked which shade of pink. All of them!”

And if it doesn’t come in pink….

“If it’s not pink, I’ll either spray paint it or dye it,” she said.

Cathy has lived all over, but moved to the Druid City from the opposite side of the state.

“When I was going to move to Tuscaloosa, some friends of mine in Montgomery said, “How are you going to wear pink up there? They’ve got all that crimson. I said, “Well, crimson is power pink!”

Cathy says her most prized pink possessions are put in a particular place .

“The best room in the house is the pink room. Pink walls, pink carpet, pink everything!”

She wears pink everyday too.

“One time when I was working in Florida, a coworker came by and I had on a black dress that day. ‘He said are you feeling okay? Are you sick? You’re not wearing pink today,” Cathy said.

She told us her pink is permanent.

“One day we were all here, and the two daughter in laws…one of them said, “you know when you die, the undertaker is going to look at us really funny when we pick your casket up and say we will bring that back in a little while so we can go bling it up for you. It will be pink,” Cathy said.

While Cathy is partial to her signature color, it’s the friendships made along the way that she cherishes the most.

“There was a shoe clerk over at Belk who said, “You’re the lady with the pink eyelashes,” I said that’s me,” and she said, ‘Come look at these pink shoes!'”

Cathy said “People will send me things and they’ll say, “It was pink and I thought of you,” I think the most wonderful thing about it is people who will see pink and think of me. I thought that was just the most wonderful thing ever, that just a color made you come to someone’s mind. It’s a nice thing not a bad thing.  I think being known by the color pink is pretty cool,” Cathy said.


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