Tamp down on those pollen allergies with simple, effective tips


With the sunny weather and flowers in bloom, allergy season has left many people feeling the effects with sneezing, nasal congestion and itchy eyes and throat.

St. Vincent’s Health System OR Pharmacist Ryanne Spivey said certain over-the-counter drugs can help.

“The most common ones are Zyrtec, Allegra, or Claritin. Some people find that Zyrtec works the best for them and some people find that Allegra works better for them, but normally it’s trial and error to see what works,” said Spivey.

If you don’t get a head start on tamping down your allergies, those symptoms can get worse throughout the season.

Spivey said this allergy season is looking like it’ll be even worse than previous years.

“It’s just gotten so bad this year. When you look outside you see layers of pollen everywhere. It’s hard to just step outside, especially this year,” said Spivey.

There are some ways to limit your exposure to allergens and help ease symptoms.

Tips include:

  • Keep your car windows closed and set the air conditioning to not take in air from the outside
  • Keep your home windows closed
  • Buy air purifiers and keep them in your most-used rooms
  • Avoid the outdoors or any landscaping activities, or wear a face mask if you’re stuck mowing the lawn
  • Keep your home surfaces clean and free of dust by vacuuming on the regular
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