Tamiflu shortage means shopping around is key

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Flu season is in full swing across our area and many families are scrambling trying to find Tamiflu, a drug prescribed by most doctors that can get you back on your feet faster.

While most large pharmacies are dealing with this supply shortage, that may not be the case for many pharmacies like Northport Pharmacy. 

Owner and Pharmacist Rob Colburn offers some advice for people who are searching for this flu fighting medicine. 

“If your regular pharmacy does not have it just check around because somebody more than likely has it,” Colburn said. “I know we have a good supply of both Tamiflu and Xofluza. If we run out during the day, we should have it by the next day.”

Colburn said it’s imperative that people continue practicing precautions including social distancing and proper handwashing to help avoid coming down with the flu.

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