School has just started, and Tuscaloosa County schools will be continuing the year without their superintendent. In a called meeting Wednesday, board president Mark Nelson made the announcement that Superintendent Dr. Liz Swinford would be relieved of her duties while on extended medical leave.
We’re told the reasoning for Dr. Swinford’s absence stems from recent family health struggles.
She lost a sister and brother in a few weeks of each other earlier this summer.
Swinford has been out on medical leave since last week.
Since this status may continue for some time, the board voted to appoint Deputy Superintendent Dr. Walter Davie as acting superintendent.
Davie has only had to serve as acting superintendendent twice at board meetings since Swinword has been in office.
Davie tells WVUA it’s his understanding  this decision is a mutual agreement between Dr. Swinford and the BOE.
Nelson says he hopes to know more on Swinford’s permanent status next week.

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