By Jack Royer

In part two of WVUA 23’s reporting on heroin in Alabama, WVUA 23’s Jack Royer takes you to The Foundry in Bessemer. The Foundry is a faith-based, 12 month job-readiness program that gives addicts a chance to gain the discipline and structure to re-enter the work force.

The Foundry footprint includes 380 beds for drug rehabilitation, as well as on-property work opportunities to allow structure in residents’ lives.

A current resident of The Foundry shared her personal story of addiction with Jack Royer. She says the key to staying clean is staying away from the wrong crowd when you leave a rehabilitation center.

The Foundry is proud of it’s faith-based program, and credits the power of God as a key element in a successful recovery. Jacky Gann is a recover heroin addict, now the director of men’s recovery at The Foundry. He says he had to make a decision between life and death, and The Foundry helped him decide to begin a new life.

See Part 2 of “Sweet Home Heroin” in the video above. This is part two of a four-part series by WVUA 23’s Jack Royer on the heroin epidemic in Alabama.

Tonight at 6 and 10 p.m., meet a family who lost their son to a heroin overdose and see how they’re using his story to save other lives.

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